1. How do I install Awesome Graphs?

Please refer to the Installation page for instructions.

2. During installation, I am requested to give Awesome Graphs access to read my repositories. Why?

Please refer to the Privacy Policy for details.

3. Is it possible to install Awesome Graphs in my team account?

Yes. Please read the Installation guide.

4. What graphs are available in Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Cloud?

At the moment Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Cloud comes with the following graphs:

5. Can I get aggregated statistics?

You can view Contributors, Commits, and Punchcard graphs with aggregated statistics of all repositories of any user or team. You can get statistics of all your repositories, as well as all public and shared with you private repositories of any user. You can view statistics of all your team's repositories, as well as all public repositories of any team.

Due to Bitbucket Cloud rate limits we currently can't show cumulative statistics for accounts with more than 100 repositories. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to resolve this issue in the near future.

6. Why in Contributors in some individual graphs contributor name is a link and in some it's text?

If a contributor name is a text, that means that the contributor is not a Bitbucket Cloud user. For Bitbucket Cloud users, contributors' names are links to their user profiles.

7. Why does the same contributor have several graphs in Contributors?

In case a contributor has several Bitbucket Cloud accounts, there will be several graphs for that person in the contributors list in Contributors. See how to merge them in the following paragraph.

8. How can I merge the contributions of the same user but made under different email addresses?

First, you need to set email aliases in Bitbucket Cloud. After you set an email alias, it will be necessary to rebuild the app index. In order to do it, please, contact us and provide us with the repository UUID and we will reset the index for the repo. 

You may find your repository UUID as follows:

  1. Navigate to Graphs
  2. Click the right button on your mouse
  3. Click View frame source
  4. Use the search option to find a tag named "repoUuid"

9. Are merge commits counted in graphs?

No. Only regular commits are taken into account.

10. I experience infinite loading of the Graphs page. What goes wrong?

If you see an infinite loading wheel when you open the page with the app, check if you have any ad blocker browser extensions enabled. If there is one, try disabling it.

11. How can I request a feature?

You can post your feature idea on the Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Cloud forum or you can contact us.

12. What should I do if I'm having problems with Awesome Graphs?

Contact us providing as much information about your problem as possible.