Increased the timeout of indexing to 16 hours and fixed bugs in Commit Graph.

In this release:

  • Increased the timeout of indexing from 4 to 16 hours for correct working with large repositories in Bitbucket Server. The timeout of indexing for Bitbucket Data Center remains 16 hours.
  • Changed the order of commits displaying in the Commits page from --date-order to --topo-order to prevent situations when children commits in the Commit Graph appear before their parents while watching all branches of the repository using the Show all button.

We've also fixed:

  • Incorrect displaying for branch labels in the Commits tab for Bitbucket versions below 5.10
  • Issues when the Commit Graph was shown along with inbuilt Bitbucket one after switching from a branch with one commit to a branch with two or more commits.
  • A bug in the Graphs page when it was impossible to choose previously displayed branch after clearing the branch filter by clicking the Show all button.