After updating to 5.0.0 complete re-indexing of commit data will take place. It is recommended to schedule the update onto off-hours.

Exporting to CSV

In this release, we've added the possibility to export the raw data with the list of commits or pull requests and their details from the People page to a CSV file. You may use this feature to:

  • Create custom graphs and apply different filters and sorting options in Excel, Tableau, Google Spreadsheets and so on
  • Integrate it to your analytics tool (e.g., Tableau, Grafana, Power BI) to identify trends in comparison with the data from Jira and other sources
  • Get the number of lines of code added and deleted by a user across all projects and repositories
  • Create a report based on the developers' activity to share it with stakeholders

You can retrieve this data on the People page. The data for your CSV file is gathered based on the activity type and period of time that you select. As a result, you will get the list of commits or pull requests. Read more about exporting your data to CSV files.

Fixes in commits indexing after rewriting the Git history

We've changed the process of indexing to adjust it to the consequences of deleting branches or rewriting the Git history with such commands as git rebase, force push, and so on.

Before this release, both deleted and new commits stayed in our index, that resulted in the incorrect visualization of lines of code and commits statistics. Now we keep the app index according to the actual state of repositories and show more precise data even in cases of rewriting the Git history.

Warning! The update to this version will start the re-indexing process on your instance, so it may take some time. Please, feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.