Compatibility changes

Beginning with this version, the app compatibility changes to support only Bitbucket version 6.2 or higher. We have certain app UI changes planned shortly, and limiting the compatibility with the older Bitbucket versions will allow us to deliver new functionality faster.

Other updates in this release

  • We've changed the drop-down pull request state filter to a multi-select filter in Contributions Report, making selecting more than one option easier and less confusing.
  • The app color palettes are updated in accordance with Atlassian Design Guidelines.
  • The pull request activity in a user Contributions profile is now also available for unlicensed users.
  • We've disabled the Commit graph in favor of Bitbucket's standard graph. To see the standard graph, please find the feature.commit.graph ​parameter in ​file, set it to true and restart the instance. You can find more details in the documentation.