Cycle Time column on the Pull Requests page

In this version of the app, we've added the Cycle Time column, which extends the Bitbucket Pull Requests page and allows you to:

  • See objectively whether the development process is getting faster or slower.
  • Analyze the correlation of specific metrics with Cycle Time.
  • Compare the rates within the organization or across the industry.

Please note that we define Cycle Time as the time between the developer's first commit and the time it's resolved and calculate it this way for merged and declined pull requests. For open pull requests, we calculate the period from the first commit up to now, which should be taken into account when analyzing the data. Learn more in the documentation.

Team name editing

We've also added the capability to rename an existing team. To rename a team, navigate to the Teams tab, select the team you want to rename, and then change the name in the team card. It should be noted that if the new name matches that of an existing team, an error will appear, and the team name will remain unchanged. Team names can't also be left blank. Learn more about Teams in the documentation.