New in this release

We have restructured the database indexing by adding a new database index to the table which contains commits, so the data provided by the app will display faster after re-indexing. 

The re-indexing and the creation of a new index will take some time and additional storage space on the database host. The re-indexing time estimate is around 0,7-1 second per million of commits:

  • Postgres: 1.48 seconds for 2 million commits.
  • MS SQL: 9.6 seconds for 14 million commits.

The storage space after re-indexing is estimated to grow 6-8% from the current size. The total storage space can be calculated using the formulas on this page

To find out how many commits are in the index, go to Bitbucket Administration → Troubleshooting and support tools → System Information → Awesome Graphs. Learn more on this page.

Fixed in this release

  • The issue with a set time period drop when switching between the Summary view and the Detailed view in the Contribution Calendar.