This page contains Privacy Policy of Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Cloud. This Privacy Policy does not apply to Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Server. Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Server is hosted on your systems and does not collect any data.

StiltSoft also has general privacy policy . It also applies to Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Cloud. Please, review both privacy policies prior to using the app.

Your Data

Upon the installation of Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Cloud (the “App”), you grant the Read access to the following REST API scopes: “repository”, “account”, “pullrequest”, “email”, “webhook”. The App receives access (i) to read repositories of the workspace in which the App is installed, their pull requests and account information, (ii) to read and modify repositories' webhooks, and (iii) to read the workspace’s name, members and its repositories. For more information on Bitbucket's authentication scopes please read here. The access is needed to collect commit metadata required to promptly build and render graphs when loading pages. We collect and encrypt the following commit details: repository UUID, commit hash, parent hashes, commit date, author name and email (in case the author does not have a Bitbucket account). No cloning operations are executed, the data is collected using REST API.

The App’s features are available for viewing to users that have permission to view a repository in the workspace in which the App is installed. Users without repository viewing permissions will not be able to see the App’s features in that repository.

Collection Of Anonymous Analytical Data and Error Tracking

The App uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information about certain user interactions with the App. To learn about how Google Analytics collects and processes data please read here. For the information about what steps Google Analytics takes to help keep collected by them data protected please read here

We also use Amplitude and Segment for the same purposes. Both vendors publish their privacy and security policies. Please see Amplitude’s security and privacy policies and Segment’s “Security” and “Privacy” documentation for more details.  

The App uses, an error monitoring tool that helps us discover, triage, and prioritize App errors in real-time. collects and stores the following data:

  • Information about the page on which the error occurred (the page URL (including query parameters, description of the user’s actions on the page that preceded the error (places the user clicked, URLs of requests initiated from the page), and stack trace); and
  • Information about the user’s environment (IP address, browser type and version, and operating system type and version).

Please, see the privacy policy and "Security and Compliance" page for more details.

The App uses Datadog, a monitoring and security tool to analyze the logs and monitor how the App works. For these purposes, the App stores the following information in its logs: repository UUID, the date and time the repository was updated, commit hashes, workspace keys.

Please, see the Datadog privacy policy and “Security” page for more details.

Data Storage

The App uses services of third party vendors and hosting partners, Amazon Web Services, to provide the necessary hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology required to run the App.

For more details about our security practices in connection to the App please refer to our ‘Security’ page.


StiltSoft company may periodically update this policy.


Any questions about this Privacy Policy could be addressed to