REST API: Export to CSV

We've also added new REST API resources allowing you to export raw data with commits or pull requests statistics to a CSV file.

Using these resources, you can get lists of commits or pull requests with their details, made during the selected period on global, project, repository, and user levels.

The details for commits in a resulting CSV file include: 

  • Date
  • Author's email and username
  • Repository name
  • Project name
  • Commit hash
  • Whether it is a merge commit or not
  • Lines of code added
  • Lines deleted

The details about pull requests in the list are:

  • Pull request creation date
  • Pull request last updated date
  • Author's username
  • Repository name
  • Project name
  • State
  • Pull request's ID

Read more about the available REST API resources.

Fixed in this release

  • The issue when a user could access the activities metadata in private projects or repositories via an internal REST API request.
  • Improved stability of the People page being watched by multiple users simultaneously.