New Date Format

Beginning with this version, the ISO 8601 international date and time format is applied to all dates in data exported to CSV for the sake of convenience and unification. This update might become a breaking change if you use CSV format in your automations, so If you need help in adapting your scripts to a new date format, please write about it in our Help Center.

Pull Request Reviewers

In this version, we extended the data exported via Export to CSV by adding two columns for pull requests, showing the users who participated in code review:

  • Reviewers' Names — lists the reviewers' full names.
  • Reviewers' Usernames — contains a list of reviewers' usernames in order respective to the Reviewers' Names column.

If nobody participated in the review, the cells are left blank.

Now you can find the reviewers of each pull request and get the statistics about the top reviewers. 

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Commit Creation Date

We also added a column with the commit creation date to the commit report, allowing for a more precise analysis of your codebase, as well as further aggregation by timepoints and visualization.

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