This page shows the differences between the Server / Data Center and Cloud versions of the Smart Attachments app.

FunctionalityAvailable in Server/Data CenterAvailable in CloudSpecifics of implementation
Attachments categories(tick)(tick)
  1. Attachment categories in Jira Cloud are replaced with labels.
  2. You can assign up to 5 labels per attachment.
  3. The current attribution to a specific category is migrated as a label, you can further group attachments by label, which will look the same as categories.
Document revisions(tick)(tick)The Cloud app does not support full-fledged revision management. It groups attachments with the same name by upload date and shows them as an expandable document with revisions.
Bulk operations(tick)(tick)The Cloud app does not support all the bulk operations from the Server app.
Categorization of attachments in different views(tick)(error)Label management is available in the issue view only. Transition forms are not supported.
Search for attachments(tick)(tick)Search by labels is not available in the Cloud app.
Preview of attachments(tick)(error)Preview of attachments is not available in the Cloud app.
Commenting on attachments(tick)(error)
Global access restrictions(tick)(error)
Status-specific restrictions(tick)(error)
Automatic file distribution(tick)(error)
Attachment category management(tick)(tick)In the Cloud app, management of labels is available.
Grouping by uploader/upload date(error) (tick)
Post-functions(tick)(tick)Only one post-function is supported.
Validators(tick)(tick)Only one validator is supported.

If you need any feature from the Server/DC version of Smart Attachments, please submit your request.