Manage your Jira attachments and documents effectively with Smart Attachments for Jira Server and Data Center. Read this guide to find out how to categorize attachments, control document revisions, perform bulk operations, search for attachments, and do a bunch of other cool things.

The Smart Attachments for Jira app allows you to:

  • manage documents with revisions
  • manage attachment metadata
  • comment on attachments
  • attach files and categorize attachments
  • reorder attachment categories
  • perform bulk operations on attachments
  • send attachments to emails
  • delete attachments
  • download attachments
  • rename attachments
  • sort attachments
  • view files within an archive
  • search for issues with attachments

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Start using the app

A Jira admin needs to configure Smart Attachments for Jira before the first use. You can find more information about this in the Administrator's section.