Since the release of Smart Attachments 2.4.0, you can manage the project-wide documents and files in the dedicated project storage. Now you needn't distribute important documents among Jira issues, just keep them in one place accessible for all your teammates.

By default, the project storage is disabled in the project.

Activating the project storage

  1. Open the project where you want to activate the storage.
  2. Navigate to the project administration section.
  3. On the navigational sidebar, locate the Smart Attachments section.
  4. Select Storage.
  5. On the opened page, move the toggle right.
  6. Click the appeared button to transition to the project storage. The Files and Documents section will appear on the project sidebar too.

To deactivate the project storage:

Move the toggle left.

The project storage will be deactivated. All the documents will be preserved until the moment you decide to re-activate it.

The files from the project storage are stored in exactly the same location as the rest of your Jira attachments. The factual location for the files from the project storage is the data folder in the Jira application home directory. Here's an example path:

It means that for ​projectKey - TP, the path will be:

Thus, if you stop using our app, all your files will remain there.