How to create a sequence of quizzes?

If you want participants to take several quizzes in a row, you can add Take quiz button on the final page of a quiz. It will lead to the next quiz.


  1. Create Quiz 1.
  2. Then create Quiz 2, which participants are supposed to take after Quiz 1.
  3. Open Quiz 1 administration page> Quiz settings> Look> Completion pages. 
  4. Edit quiz completion pages:
    1. Change the text as you like.
      Hint: You can keep the part with quiz results or remove it if you don't want participants to know how they did.
    2. Let participants know that they need to take another quiz.
      Hint: You can add images and use page layouts to make your page look nicer.
    3. Add the macro Take quiz button and select Quiz 2. 
  5. When participants complete Quiz 1, they will see your customized completion page with the 'Take quiz' button that leads to Quiz 2.


  • Make sure you have Number of attempts set to '1' for 'Quiz 1' if you don't want participants to be able to retake it.
  • If you want participants to take Quiz 2 no matter what result they get in Quiz 1, customize both, Passed and Failed, completion pages. Otherwise customize only one of them.
  • If your quiz has free text questions, edit only In Review completion page.

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