New in this release:

  • Course Results Report macro.
  • Updated Slovak localization.

Fixed in this release:

  • Resolved the non-critical security issue which led to elevated privileges within the app for logged in users.
  • Fixed the issue with sorting by Date Enrolled, Date Completed, Date Started in Quiz Results Report. The sorting wasn't working correctly if a participant had more than one attempt for a quiz.
  • Fixed the issue with Time Spent in a course report by participant. Time Spent for was divided by a number of modules the course contained. It means Participants Report showed erroneously low Time Spent. After updating to this version, reports will get automatically updated and show correct data.  

Course Results Report macro

Use cases:

  • Store reports about all courses in one place
  • Generate a report showing all courses of one specific participant
  • Share a course report with your colleagues

Earlier users were able to see a report for each course separately in on a course administration page. Now administrators can insert Course Result Report macro at any page they need and generate reports that contain information about all or selected courses, its' participants and their progress.  

Just insert it on the page you need and choose on which courses/participants a report must be based. 

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