New in this release:

  • Possibility to update Participant reminders for already enrolled participants both in courses and quizzes. 
  • In-app feedback dialog. 

Fixed in this release:

  • Fixed the issue with the enrollment email notifications not being sent in Confluence 5.9.1.
  • Fixed the issue with course administrators' names not being shown correctly in participant reminder email notifications. Instead of a name of a course administrator, there was a name of a participant. 
  • Fixed the issue with the participant reminders sent for already deleted courses. 
  • Fixed the issue with resetting the Due date setting for a quiz with already enrolled participants. After resetting a Due date, en error occurred in the app. 
  • Fixed some non-critical security issues. 

Update Participant reminders for already enrolled participants both in courses and quizzes

Earlier all Participant reminders were applied to only those users who were enrolled after the Participant reminder was set. Now it's possible to update the reminders even for already enrolled participants. 

In-app feedback dialog

With this version we added an in-app feedback dialog. It's aimed to help users share their thoughts about the app, and to help us understand their needs better. Only courses and quizzes administrators will be able to see the dialog. 

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