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StiltSoft is happy to announce the release of Awesome Graphs for Stash version 1.3.0. 

What's new

This major release adds the ability to select a repository branch for analysis, the Code Frequency graph, and improves plugin performance. The plugin is now freemium.

Branch Selection

Now, you can select a repository branch to plot graphs for.

Choose any branch from the drop-down menu and Awesome Graphs will show you the analytics for it.

Code Frequency

This is a new graph that shows how many actual code lines were added and deleted over the lifetime of a project.

New License Policy

When upgrading Awesome Graphs to version 1.3.0 you will see the Buy button in UPM. This is due to a new license policy implemented in this version. Awesome Graphs now offers two sets of features: free and paid. Features that were introduced in previous releases (ContributorsCommitsPunchcard) are free. Branch Selection and Code Frequency are paid.

Free features are available right out of the box. To activate paid features, you need to generate an evaluation license valid for 30 days. Once the evaluation license expires, the plugin functionality will be restricted to free features, and you will need to purchase a commercial license in order to continue using paid features.

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