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Release notes for Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Server (Stash) of versions before 3.0.0 are available here.


This page provides you with the information about public releases of Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Server. Here you can learn what new features were added and what bugs were fixed. 

Awesome Graphs 5.6.1

Tabs displaying on displays with low resolution.

Awesome Graphs 5.6.0

REST API resource to retrieve single commit data and security improvements.

Awesome Graphs 5.5.0

Export to CSV via REST API.

Awesome Graphs 5.4.5

Indexing improvements and optimization.

Awesome Graphs 5.4.4

Improved the indexing of deleted annotated tags.

Awesome Graphs 5.4.3

Improved security by including headers in endpoints' responses.

Awesome Graphs 5.4.2

Fixed issue with incorrect processing of annotated tags.

Awesome Graphs 5.4.1

Indexing optimization and more informative logging.

Awesome Graphs 5.4.0

REST API for Pull Requests. Indexing optimization. 

Awesome Graphs 5.3.0

REST API pull requests statistics and Export to CSV detalization.

Awesome Graphs 5.2.1

Fixed compatibility with Bitbucket 7.0 and above.

Awesome Graphs 5.2.0

REST API to retrieve commits data on global, project, repository, or user level.

Awesome Graphs 5.1.2

Fixed issue with repositories indexing while updating the app.

Awesome Graphs 5.1.1

Fixed compatibility with Bitbucket v.7.1.0 and 7.1.1

Awesome Graphs 5.1.0

Pull requests and commits reports for teams.

Awesome Graphs 5.0.6

Compatibility with Bitbucket Server and Data Center 7.0.

Awesome Graphs 5.0.5

Fixes in Files Contributors for large repositories.

Awesome Graphs 5.0.4

Fixes in indexing of commits with changes to millions of files.

Awesome Graphs 5.0.3

Fixed the issue when the Teams page in Administration wasn't displayed.

Awesome Graphs 5.0.2

Fixed a missing field in lines of code patterns exclusion settings.

Awesome Graphs 5.0.1

Fixes in reports on commits and pull requests.

Awesome Graphs 5.0.0

Export to CSV. Fixed indexing after rewriting the Git history.

Awesome Graphs 4.9.4

Compatibility with SVN Mirror for Bitbucket Server.

Awesome Graphs 4.9.3

Fixed issues in the Top Committers Report and the Contributors graph for unauthorized users.

Awesome Graphs 4.9.2

Compatibility with CDN feature for Bitbucket Data Center 6.8.

Awesome Graphs 4.9.1

Chronological order in the Commits graph while watching it for all branches.

Awesome Graphs 4.9.0

Graphs for teams and for a user. 

Awesome Graphs 4.8.0

Custom date periods in the People page.

Awesome Graphs 4.7.1

Fixed the issue with the incorrect deletion of a group from a user profile.

Awesome Graphs 4.7.0

Branch and project labels for commits and pull requests in the Activity Stream.

Awesome Graphs 4.6.1

Fixes in the Reports configuration page and the calendar in the Activity graph.

Awesome Graphs 4.6.0

Managing users' email aliases for Bitbucket administrators.

Awesome Graphs 4.5.6

Increased the timeout of indexing to 16 hours and fixed bugs in Commit Graph.

Awesome Graphs 4.5.5

Fixed bugs when watching graphs for projects with more than 1000 repositories.

Awesome Graphs 4.5.4

Possibility to add email alias which is same as username. 

Awesome Graphs 4.5.3

Fixes in the Contributors graph. Repo/branch selectors didn't show all the data.

Awesome Graphs 4.5.2

Fixed issues with viewing graphs on Bitbucket 6.2.0 and indexing in Data Center.

Awesome Graphs 4.5.1

Improved logging messages. Minor fixes for customers who use Bitbucket 6 and up.

Awesome Graphs 4.5.0

Exclusion of files from lines of code statistics. Improvements in Contributions.

Awesome Graphs 4.4.3

Correct displaying of names with Unicode symbols.

Awesome Graphs 4.4.2

Compatibility with Bitbucket Server 6.1.

Awesome Graphs 4.4.1

Increase of indexing timeout. Fixed Bitbucket 6.0 compatibility issues.

Awesome Graphs 4.4.0

Compatibility with Bitbucket Server 6.0.

Awesome Graphs 4.3.8

Improvements in selection of dates in reports and graphs.

Awesome Graphs 4.3.7

Issue with duplicated labels on Y axis of graphs.

Awesome Graphs 4.3.6

Fixed inability to install the version 4.3.5 if the database is PostgreSQL.

Awesome Graphs 4.3.5

Improvements in repository indexing and alerts to admins.

Awesome Graphs 4.3.4

Issues with Active Objects in Data Center and indexing pushes to many branches.

Awesome Graphs 4.3.3

Fixed the issue with Commit Graph not working in Chrome.

Awesome Graphs 4.3.2

Issue with indexing forks with the same commits. Order of items in People menu.

Awesome Graphs 4.3.1

Improvements in Commit Graph.

Awesome Graphs 4.3.0

Aliases in Contributions. Alerts to admins. Improvement of JMX metrics.

Awesome Graphs 4.2.0

Compatibility with UPM 3.0.

Awesome Graphs 4.1.1

Fixed the issue with inability to upgrade from v.3.8.3 and below to v.4.1.0.

Awesome Graphs 4.1.0

Commits from forks are now shown in global and project graphs and reports.

Awesome Graphs 4.0.2

Fixed the issue with 'Show all' not working when browsing the Commits tab in older versions of Firefox.

Awesome Graphs 4.0.1

Compatibility with Bitbucket Server 5.10.

Awesome Graphs 4.0.0

Performance improvements. Performance monitoring with the help of JMX.

Awesome Graphs 3.8.3

Fixed the issue with inaccurate statistics in Contributions.

Awesome Graphs 3.8.2

Fixed the search in the user picker of Punchcard and Top Committers Report.

Awesome Graphs 3.8.1

An error in Contributions if a user committed to a large number of repositories.

Awesome Graphs 3.8.0

Analyze pull requests' resolution time distribution.

Awesome Graphs 3.7.4

Improved compatibility with Bitbucket Server 5.5.

Awesome Graphs 3.7.3

Compatibility with Bitbucket Server 5.5.

Awesome Graphs 3.7.2

Issue with indexing private repositories on large instances. 

Awesome Graphs 3.7.1

Possible error while viewing Activity on large instances on Oracle and MS SQL databases.

Awesome Graphs 3.7.0

Average resolution time of pull requests. Analyzing activity in pull requests.

Awesome Graphs 3.6.9

Issue with indexing private repositories on large instances. 

Awesome Graphs 3.6.8

Possible error while viewing People and Pie Chart Pull Requests Report on large instances.

Awesome Graphs 3.6.7

Error when clicking a pull request reviewer avatar in activity streams.

Awesome Graphs 3.6.6

Top Committers Report showed an erroneous message at the end of activity stream.

Awesome Graphs 3.6.5

Compatibility with Bitbucket Server 5.1.

Awesome Graphs 3.6.4

Fixed the issue with Top Committers Report not working in forks.

Awesome Graphs 3.6.3

Errors in Pie Chart Pull Requests Report if pull requests have no reviewers.

Awesome Graphs 3.6.2

Fixed issue with commits not being shown in People and Top Committers Report.

Awesome Graphs 3.6.1

Error while trying to view contributors when browsing a file in the Source tab.

Awesome Graphs 3.6.0

View how the activity of a developer was distributed among different projects.

Awesome Graphs 3.5.5

Modified one of the add-on requests to improve database performance.

Awesome Graphs 3.5.4

Fixed the compatibility with Microsoft SQL.

Awesome Graphs 3.5.3

Fixed the issue with the date range in Commits.

Awesome Graphs 3.5.2

Fixed the issue with navigation arrows not working in datepickers.

Awesome Graphs 3.5.1

Commits reports and Activity graphs are now rendering faster.

Awesome Graphs 3.5.0

Added Top Committers Report. Improvements in Punchcard and Activity.

Awesome Graphs 3.4.0

Support of user timezones and daylight saving time clock changes.

Awesome Graphs 3.3.5

Fixed an issue with loading wheel sometimes not dispalying when rendering graphs.

Awesome Graphs 3.3.4

Fixed an issue occurred in case of concurrent operations with one pull request.

Awesome Graphs 3.3.3

Compatibility with Bitbucket Server 4.7.

Awesome Graphs 3.3.2

Fixed the issue with Activity tabs not opening in graphs in public repositories.

Awesome Graphs 3.3.1

Fixed the issue that caused errors when viewing the People page.

Awesome Graphs 3.3.0

Generating pull requests reports for projects. Improvements in pie chart report.

Awesome Graphs 3.2.0

Viewing commits of all branches with Commit Graph. Branches labels in Commits.

Awesome Graphs 3.1.0

Improvements in Activity graph, Pull Requests reports, Contributor calendar.

Awesome Graphs 3.0.3

Compatibility with Bitbucket Server 4.2.

Awesome Graphs 3.0.2

Fixed issues with rendering Activity type lozenges, deleting email aliases.

Awesome Graphs 3.0.1

Fixed compatibility with Bitbucket Server 4.0.

Awesome Graphs 3.0.0

Compatibility with Bitbucket Server 4.0.

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