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Try our new app Smart Attachments for Confluence. Store your project documents, artifacts, and media assets in the shareable space storage in Confluence. See the app in action.

This page provides you with the information about public releases of Smart Attachments. Here you can find out what new features were added and what bugs were fixed.

Smart Attachments 2.4.0

Support for the project storage for keeping documents

Smart Attachments 2.3.2

Resolved the issue with uploading messages from Outlook

Smart Attachments 2.3.1

Improvements for Upgrade Task execution and automatic revision mapping

Smart Attachments 2.3.0

Updated Google Analytics event tracking

Smart Attachments 2.2.3

Resolved the issue with moving issue with attachments between projects

Smart Attachments 2.2.2

Compatibility with Jira 8.3.0

Smart Attachments 2.2.1

Selection of the user/user group pickers in the Send to email post-function

Smart Attachments 2.2.0

Automatic mapping of document revisions by name when uploading into categories

Smart Attachments 2.1.1

Resolved issues with autodistribution area and public Java API

Smart Attachments 2.1.0

Added Java API and support for custom fields in access restrictions for categories

Smart Attachments 2.0.9

Resolved the issue with the Category not empty validator

Smart Attachments 2.0.8

Disabled migration of categories to schemes for deleted projects

Smart Attachments 2.0.7

Resolved the issue with execution of the Category not empty validator during issue creation

Smart Attachments 2.0.6

Resolved the migration issues for deleted projects with category configurations

Smart Attachments 2.0.5

Resolved the migration issue with the missing project key-IDs values 

Smart Attachments 2.0.4

Resolved the issue with app operation when the HipChat module is disabled

Smart Attachments 2.0.3

Resolved the issue with migration of projects having no category configuration

Smart Attachments 2.0.2

Resolved the issue with migration of category configuration to schemes

Smart Attachments 2.0.1

Introduction of category schemes for global project management

Smart Attachments 1.22.7

Japanese localization and compatibility with ScriptRunner

Smart Attachments 1.22.6

Resolved compatibility issues with Capture for Jira app

Smart Attachments 1.22.5

German localization and minor updates in the Move attachments to category post-function

Smart Attachments 1.22.4

Resolved the compatibility issues with GoEdit app

Smart Attachments 1.22.3

Extended operation of automatic distribution and addressed minor issues

Smart Attachments 1.22.2

Resolved the issue with document revisions and drop zones

Smart Attachments 1.22.1

Resolved issue with pasting images in the text area fields and comments

Smart Attachments 1.22.0

Compatibility with Jira 8 and performance optimizations

Smart Attachments 1.21.1

Compatibility with the Issue Templates app from Deviniti

Smart Attachments 1.21.0

Support for Jira Data Center and UPM 3.0

Smart Attachments 1.20.1

Compatibility issues with GoEdit, Dynamic Forms and Extension apps

Smart Attachments 1.20.0

Support for automatic distribution of attachments across categories

Smart Attachments 1.19.2

Resolved the issue with missing revisions when inserting the link

Smart Attachments 1.19.1

Resolved the issue with upload of files in Service Desk projects

Smart Attachments 1.19.0

Added support for multiple drop areas in JIRA Service Desk forms

Old Versions

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