Check out our new app to find attachments by file name, format, or uploader in Jira Cloud.
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New in this release

Added a capability to select the appropriate category when uploading files through the Attach Files and Attach screenshot forms.

The new version of add-on includes the following features:

  • Added output of the progress bar when uploading files to the category.
  • Added output of the warning message when renaming the attached files.
  • Moved the Perform Bulk Operation action to the add-on contextual menu and made the block visible only when this action is selected.
  • Added output of empty categories as collapsed when viewing the issue.
  • Added a capability to set restrictions for the uncategorized attachments.
  • Added validation of unique category names.

Fixed in this release

The new version of the add-on has been optimized, as follows:

  • Removed the close icon from placeholders of users, user groups and project roles when viewing the configuration of attachment categories for the project.
  • Disabled a capability to perform bulk operations on attachments (moving to category and removal) when the issue is closed.
  • Applied the automatic applying of the modified file name after file renaming without a necessity to reload the page.
  • Resolved the issue when the project administrator was not able to create attachment categories.
  • Resolved the issue with expanding categories after re-ordering in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Resolved the issue with the incorrect output of checkboxes when performing bulk operations while viewing issues in Issue Navigator.
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