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New in this release

Added support for JIRA Agile.

Now you can quickly and easily manage attachments while planning the sprint in JIRA Agile.

Added support for Structure add-on.

Now you can efficiently manage and distribute attachments among categories while creating an issue structure in JIRA.

The new version of add-on also includes the following features:

  • Added the automatic hiding of attachment names on the Activity tab for users with the restricted access to the categories, which files were loaded to.
  • Modified the mechanism of downloading all attachments from the issue. Now the add-on samples the latest file revisions and groups them by category.
  • Added the mechanism for cleaning the temporary document revisions and file archives stored on JIRA server when the user performed actions with attachments.
  • Chaged to the manual selection of the required bulk operation instead of the pre-selected Delete Attachments action.
  • Added output of the file renaming procedures on the Activity tab.

Fixed in this release

  • Resolved the issue with the display artifact in the JIRA menu ribbon.
  • Resolved the issue with the removal of document with revisions when revisions were preserved after removal of the document.
  • Resolved the issue with the non-working Download All Attachments action.
  • Resolved the issue with checking access permissions to attachments after disabling the add-on.
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