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New in this release

Added a capability to send attachments to JIRA users or to other colleagues and customers.

Now you can send an email with the required attachments to one or multiple JIRA users or colleagues and customers of yours. The add-on remembers up to 50 email addresses and supports autocompletion for JIRA users.

The new version of add-on also includes the following features:

  • Added a capability to select all files stored in the category.
  • Added the blocking of sending emails with update on attached fields to some category if the users do not have permissions to this attachment category..
  • Added a capability to provide access to categories for anonymous users.

Fixed in this release

  • Resolved the issue with showing the error when anonymous users open the issue with attachments.
  • Resolved the issue when the comment was not mapped to the appropriate attachment when using JIRA & ServiceDesk.
  • Resolved the issue with corruption of Activity Stream when renaming some attachments.
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