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New in this release

Added support for workflow validators checking specific categories for presence of attached files or verifies that attachments were uploaded by a specific user, by users from a specific group or by users having a specific project role.

Now you can easily customize workflow transitions and add validators checking for attachments meeting the appropriate criteria.

Now JIRA users will not be able to execute transitions if validation of attachments fails.

Fixed in this release

  • Resolved the compatibility issue with Xray - Test Management inside JIRA add-on. The issue caused an error when adding a new defect for the test run.

  • Resolved the issue with showing the field for selecting attachment category when using JIRA Email This Issue add-on in the form for sending issues.
  • Resolved the issue with output of errors in the JIRA log file when adding, editing or deleting issues.
  • Resolved the issue with saving a document revision to the Uncategorized category when pressing Ctrl + Enter keys.
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