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This page provides you with the information about public releases of Customer Case in 2015. Here you can find out what new features were added and what bugs were fixed.

Customer Case - 10/22/2015

Added a capability to search for ideas and tickets on forums

Customer Case - 10/12/2015

Added a capability to submit support tickets and comments by email

Customer Case - 10/1/2015

Added support forums for processing tickets and issue reports

Customer Case - 9/25/2015

Added a capability to attach files to ideas and comments

Customer Case - 9/7/2015

Added a capability to edit description of ideas and comments

Customer Case - 5/2/2015

Optimized display of the pagination and corrected logic for users with JIRA accounts.

Customer Case - 4/22/2015

Added a capability to create private forums with restricted access.

Customer Case - 3/20/2015

Added support for a visual text editor when adding ideas and comments.

Customer Case - 3/9/2015

Added output of the special marker indicating company representatives in Customer Case

Customer Case - 3/3/2015

Added a capability to register a personal account in Customer Case.

Customer Case - 2/2/2015

Added a capability to sort and filter ideas by some criteria

Customer Case - 1/16/2015

Added a capability to enter a custom domain name and sign in to forum with a JIRA account

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