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New in this release

  • Added a capability to add a timestamp to a page with Handy Timestamp macro.
  • Added a Handy Page Diff feature.

Added a capability to add the current timestamp to a page with Handy Timestamp macro

Handy Timestamp is a simple macro that allows you to quickly insert the current date and time (from your Confluence server) to the Confluence page.

Timestamp looks like a regular text in view mode but its content can't be edited at all, only date and time format can be changed. Learn more.

Added a Handy Page Diff feature

Do you have a really frequently-edited pages with hundreds of revisions in your Confluence? We have a lot of such pages. It's not so easy to see what's new on the page when you visit it next time. You need to view the page history (if you remember when you saw this page last time).

With the Handy Page Diff feature you will see the number of changes made to the page since your last visit. Also you can quickly compare the latest page revision with the last seen revision just in one click. Learn more.

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