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New in this release

Added the custom field allowing you to manually or automatically indicate the number of build fixing the issue.

Now you can automatically get the number of build adding the requested feature or fixing the reported issue or populate it manually.

You can also define the appropriate way of populating the field with the number of the build that fixes the issue or adds the requested feature.

The new version of add-on also includes the following features:

  • Changed the icon for remote build triggering through the TeamCity Build Configurations gadget.
  • Added the TeamCity section into the project view of JIRA. Prior to this, the TeamCity section was displayed in the Add-ons section of the project view.
  • Modified the build filtration mechanism when filtering data for last month. Now data is shown over the last month instead of the current month.
  • Added a capability to sort build configurations in the TeamCity Build Configurations gadget.

Fixed in this release

  • Resolved the issue with incomplete data indexation of builds being in a queue for a long time.
  • Corrected the way of showing the TeamCity Build Runner field when sending a notification to email.
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