«Advanced Permission and Security Management in Atlassian Confluence» course released! Try it now!
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New in this release

Added an option to enable the inline macro insertion for users and groups.

Now you can enable the block with the icons for inline macro insertion in the page view mode for specific users and groups.

The new version of add-on also includes the following features:

  • Added an option to enable/disable inline macro insertion into the user profile.
  • Added calculation of the first column if it contains the number.
  • Added a capability to pick the color for the milestone without a title.
  • Added a capability to rename the Total column.
  • Added a new operation type - multiplication.
  • Added a new operation type - count values.
  • Improved the display of names of milestone on the Gantt chart so they do not overlap each other.
  • Added the trendline for the column/bar charts.

Fixed in this release

  • Resolved the issue with aggregation of data by day.
  • Resolved the issue with failing on an invalid html markup of a table.
  • Resolved the issue with resetting colors when saving Chart from Table macro changes with JIRA Issues macro before the macro preview is available.
  • Improved performance of the CSV export.

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