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At the moment, Commits Reports include only Top Committers Report. We are planning to add other kinds of reports as well. You can let us know what other types of reports would be useful for your teams by posting an idea on the Awesome Graphs forum.

Top Committers Report

Use Top Committers Report to:

  • see the dynamics of commit activity of a contributor over a specified time period
  • analyze how contributions of different developers vary

This report is available for both projects and repositories. Project reports are available only in the Server version.

To generate a Top Committers report:

  1. Navigate to the project/repository of your choice.
  2. In the Actions section on the sidebar, choose 'Reports'.


    In a projectIn a repositoryStep 1Step 2

  3. Select 'Top Committers Report'.
  4. Set the period for your report.
  5. If you want to see the report for a particular team, choose its name using the All contributors dropdown menu in the Team field. Read more about teams here.
  6. Choose one of the sorting options:
    • Activity
    • Name
  7. Select contributors for the report or leave the 'Authors' field empty to include all committers.
  8. Click 'Next'.

Once the configuration is done, you will see something like this:

Top Committers Report shows a bubble chart with commit statistics of selected contributors presented in a summarized way. A circle can represent a day, a week, a month, a quarter or a year depending on the length of a chosen time span.

The bigger a circle is the more commits were made. By taking a look at circles associated with a particular developer you can easily see the dynamics of his/her commit activity. And if you compare circles of several people you can analyze what contribution each of them made.

Below the graph, there's an activity stream with commit details.

When you hover over a circle, a contributor name or a time period (above or below the graph), you can see the number of commits associated with that circle, person or time period. And when you click a circle, a contributor name or a time period, the activity stream gets updated and displays the details of those commits.

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