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Below is the list of graphs and charts available in Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket. Some features are only available for Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Server at the moment, which is indicated on the top of the feature page.


  • PeopleA global view across all projects with cards of those developers who have been active in the past month. Find out who made more commits and pull requests. Capture the dynamics of each person.
  • ContributionsA developer calendar with user activity (commits and pull requests) from all repositories. See how the efforts of a developer were distributed in the past year, what repositories a person worked in.
  • ActivityActivity stream to track what's new in each repository and project. Charts to find out who's been most active.
  • ContributorsSummary graph (with commits/additions/deletions) to analyze trends. Developer cards to compare the input from different people and get an insight into who's been most efficient. 
  • CommitsBar chart with weekly view of the team activity for the past year.
  • Code FrequencyGraph showing your project dynamics in terms of lines of code. Use it to watch your project evolve.
  • PunchcardGraph with commit summary by day of the week and hour of the day for the selected time period - of the whole team or a specific developer.
  • Commit GraphVisualization of the development flow. Helps you see the merge history and the relationships between commits, and make sense of branches history.
  • ReportsGenerate commits and pull requests reports to get insights about the activity in repositories in projects.
  • File ContributorsSee how many commits and lines of code each person contributed to each file in your repository.
  • Managing EmailsLearn how to join contributions made by the same person under different emails.
  • Repository SelectionSwitching from viewing project graphs to browsing repository and branch graphs.
  • Branch SelectionViewing graphs of different branches while browsing repository graphs.
  • REST APIAutomate your workflow with our REST API.
  • Exclusion of Files from Lines of Code Statistics
  • TeamsView graphs for teams to get the most precise analytics for such workflows when several teams are working on the same repository or project.
  • Export to CSVAwesome Graphs gives a capability to export raw data with the statistics across all projects and repositories to a CSV file. As a result, you will get the list of the commits or pull requests made during the selected time span with their details. 

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