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This feature is available only in Awesome Graphs for Bitbucket Server.

Awesome Graphs provides the possibility to see Graphs for teams to get the most precise analytics for such workflows when several teams are working on the same repository or project.

A team can be created and managed on the global, project and repository levels by a user with administrative permissions on these levels. It can contain Bitbucket users and groups. 

Create a team

Admins and Sys Admins are able to create a team on a global level. For this purpose, navigate to the Teams tab on the Administration page. 

Project creators, Admins, and Sys Admins are able to create a team on a repository and project level in the Teams tab in the Repository or Project settings.

Click Create team and enter a team name.

Delete a team

Click  near the team's name to delete it. 

Or click Delete team in its settings.

Add users and groups to a team

To add a Bitbucket user or group to a team:

  • navigate to the Teams tab in the Administration page or the Project/Repository settings;
  • click the name of the team;
  • start typing a user's or a group's name;
  • choose the name you want to add from the list of suggestions or press Enter. 

Delete users and groups from a team

Click  near the team member's names to delete them from a team in its settings. 

Watching Graphs for a team

At the moment, only the Graphs page displays the statistics for teams, but we'll add it to all graphs and reports of Awesome Graphs in the next releases.

Navigate to Graphs of a project or repository to see the activity of a team.

Click All contributors and choose a team from a dropdown menu to watch graphs for this team. You can use the search bar to find a specific team or contributor.


Teams can be managed by administrators of different levels. The level on which the team is created influence its visibility. See more details in the table below:

LevelCan create and manage a team on this levelPossible to watch graphs for this teamNOT possible to watch graphs for this team
GlobalAdmin and Sys AdminEverywhere-

Project Admin and higher

This project and the repositories in this project 

Other projects 
RepositoryRepository Admin and higherThis repository and the project that contains this repositoryOther repositories 

Graphs for a team that is created on a repository level can be shown in this repository graphs, in the project that contains this repository, and on the global level. It's impossible to see graphs for this team in other repositories of the project. As well as graphs for a team that is created on a project level can be viewed for this project and global level only.

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