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Try our new app Smart Attachments for Confluence. Store your project documents, artifacts, and media assets in the shareable space storage in Confluence. See the app in action.

Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions.

Can I use your app for document management in Jira?

Sure. Our app was designed to provide tools and mechanisms for efficient document management and control in Jira. The app provides a set of features for the following:

  • categorize and distribute attachments across categories in Jira issues for better searchability
  • restrict access to categories with attachments to specific users, groups, and project roles
  • keep document revisions in the document tree view
  • use automatic file distribution across categories during upload
  • keep project documents in the project storage so all teammates can access them
  • perform bulk operations on files and documents
  • comment and discuss attachments with your team
  • configure workflow automations for automatic execution of file checkups and routine operations

Does your app support document versions?

Yes, the app supports document revisions. You can upload files with the same name and the app will automatically match it to the parent document. You can also select a document revision manually from files already stored in the issue.

Can I limit access to my files for Jira users?

Yes, you can limit access to specific categories. You can restrict access to categories for specific users, user groups, and project roles. The app can also restrict access to categories on the basis of values from the single and multi user / user group pickers.  In this case, visibility of your categories will be dynamically based on values of these fields.

Does your app keeps document revisions like in Confluence?

Yes, the app matches files by name and keeps them as a tree of revisions.

Does your app provide bulk operations?

Yes, the app provides bulk operations for deleting, moving between categories, sending by email, archiving and downloading attachments.

Can I keep documents within the project itself, not in issues?

Yes, the app provides the project storage. You can manage its structure and upload folders with files with the automatic folder structure recreation. Your teammates can instantly locate project documents in one place.

Why cannot I delete attachments or attachment revisions?

You may not be able to delete attachments in the following situations:

  1. the issue is closed and due to your workflow no modifications can be made with it since then;
  2. you do not have a permission to delete own or all attachments in the project.

Why cannot I delete the document with revisions?

You are not able to delete the document that contains revisions loaded by other users if you do not have a permission to delete all attachments in the project.

What will happen to attached files upon uninstallation of the app?

They will remain in JIRA issues as standard attachments.

What will happen to attached files upon removal of the category?

 They will be stored in JIRA issues as uncategorized.

What is the purpose of using categories?

The add-on provides a convenient way of showing attachments grouped by categories in JIRA. 

For example, categories will be useful:

  • for software development you can create categories for storing logs, screenshots, SRS and FD documents;
  • for helpdesk system you can create categories for storing claims, completed forms, complaints, contracts and so on;

The add-on allows you find its applicability to any sphere of your activity. 

Is the add-on compatible with other attachment add-ons?

Yes, the add-on supports work with other attachment add-ons.

What Jira versions are supported by the add-on?

The add-on supports Jira 7.0-8.4. The set of features for each Jira version may differ depending on the compatibility issues.

Recovery of Jira backup fails on Oracle database with Smart Attachments installed

This is a known issue for Smart Attachments add-on when using it along with Oracle database.

As a temporary workaround, please do the following:

  1. Open the backup archive.
  2. Locate the activeobjects.xml file.
  3. Open this file and locate the THREAD_ID field of the AO_D4B4E5_FV_COMMENT table.
  4. Change from autoIncrement="true" to autoIncrement="false".
  5. Save the archive with modifications.
  6. Perform the JIRA recovery from the updated backup.

How to disable comment threads?

Please ensure that you are using Smart Attachments 1.16.7 or newer versions before disabling this component.

  1. On the JIRA menu, click the cogwheel icon.
  2. Select Add-ons, then select Manage add-ons.
  3. On the list with installed add-on, locate Smart Attachments and expand its section.
  4. Locate the link with enabled modules and click it.
  5. On the list with modules, locate the FileViewer Integration Resource(fileviewer-integration-resource) module.
  6. Hover over it and click Disable.

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