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Smart Attachments add-on allows you to send attached files to one or multiple email addresses.

You can also hide emails of addressees with BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). Just enter the appropriate emails into the BCC field and conceal emails of some recipients from the others.

  1. Locate the appropriate attachment and click the Actions  icon.
  2. From the context menu, select Send to email.
  3. In the Send email form, enter email addresses of people who you want to send the email with the attachment to.
    Enter the email message.
  4. To post a copy of the email message, select the Save the email copy to issue comments option.
  5. Click Send.

The add-on remembers up to 50 email addresses for each JIRA user.

Autocompletion of email addresses is available for all JIRA users. This feature requires the Browse Users permission.

For the details on how to send multiple attachments in one email, see the Sending Multiple Attachments to Email section.

If the addresses of the outgoing and incoming mail servers are identical the app will automatically use this address as the Reply To address. In other situations, the address of the sender will be used.

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