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Try our new app Smart Attachments for Confluence. Store your project documents, artifacts, and media assets in the shareable space storage in Confluence. See the app in action.

Watch the add-on in action!


Management of attachments in Atlassian JIRA can be a rather frustrating and boring task. All the time you need to locate the appropriate file on the list with others. This can become a rather time-consuming task if the issue includes ten or more attachments.

Smart Attachments provides you with the following benefits:

  • Instantly locate the necessary file in the attachment category.

  • Quickly move files between categories via drag-n-drop.

  • Upload files to categories in any section and on any form of JIRA.

  • Track the full history of updates and changes in your documents.

  • Collaborate on documents with your team through comment threads.

  • Easily complete routine operations on batches of attachments.

  • Share attachments with colleagues and business partners by email.

  • Automate execution of operations on attachments during issue transitions.

  • Validate availability of specific attachments before updating a status of your issues.

  • Find issues with the required attachments and documents in JIRA.

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