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Customer Case allows you to map this service with all the created forums to the custom domain name (fully qualified domain name).

Setting a custom domain will point your feedback portal to the domain name under your control, instead of using the default domain of Customer Case. Configuration of the custom domain name requires the following:

  • update of CNAME record
  • entry of a custom domain name in JIRA
  1. Before setting the custom domain name to Customer Case, ensure that this domain name is not occupied by any other resource of yours.
  2. Ensure that the appropriate domain name has been created before you start mapping Customer Case to it.
  3. Consider that propagation of a new domain name may take up to 48 hours, and within this period of time Customer Case with all forums may be inaccessible in some regions.
  4. Any modifications with custom domain name will lead to propagation of the updated domain name. If removing a custom domain name, the default domain name will be set.

Updating CNAME record

  1. Update your DNS to redirect the chosen aliased URL (e.g.: to using a CNAME record.

  2. Ensure that you have correctly specified your subdomain mapping to Customer Case. The record should look like:

    feedback  14400  IN  CNAME

    Each registrar has its own method of adding CNAME records. It may take several hours for your DNS changes to take effect.

Setting Custom Domain Name

  1. Navigate to Administration > Customer Case > General Settings.
  2. Enter the custom domain name.
  3. Click Set.

Updating Custom Domain Name

  1. Enter the new custom domain name.
  2. Click Update.

Removing Custom Domain Name

  1. Click Remove.
  2. Confirm removal of the custom domain name.

After removal of the custom domain, the default domain name will be applied.

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