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This feature is available starting from Handy Macros 1.4.0.

A reminder notification is sent on behalf of the user who added this macro on the page.

About the macro

If you plan your tasks in Confluence, or if you need to write a report for your boss every week, or if you need to follow the page updates on a regular basis  - you should have some way to remember about doing this. But if you have a lot of tasks - you definitely need a reminder tool for them! Handy Reminder is a macro that can either notify you or remind you of any important thing to do on Confluence pages.

Inserting Handy Reminder

  1. Insert the Handy Reminder macro on the page.
  2. Enter reminder text.
  3. Check the "Show message next to icon" option if you want to display it next to the reminder icon in the page view mode.

    This option is available starting from Handy Macros 1.7.0.

  4. Specify a date and time for reminder.
  5. Set the frequency of reminding (once or daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

  6. Use the "Remind every Nth" option to receive a notification every Nth period of time. The example below shows that the reminder will be sent every second week as of the current date.

    This option is available starting from Handy Macros 1.10.0.

  7. Add the recipients who will receive the notification.

  8. Click Insert.

Modifying Handy Reminder settings in the page view mode

  1. Click the Handy Reminder icon on the page.

  2. Edit macro settings on the fly.

  3. Click Save.
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