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This feature is available starting from Handy Macros 1.11.0.

About the feature

The Handy Tasks feature is an augmentation for Confluence (you don't need to add any macros to use it). It allows you to view the progress on tasks and to quickly add new tasks to the list without opening the editor. Handy Tasks feature automatically works with existing lists that contain two or more tasks.

 The Handy Tasks features allows you to rapidly filter your tasks within the pre-defined list. It is enabled by default and does not require additional configuration from you. 

How to create a new task list

  1. Edit the page where you want to add a task list.
  2. Type '[' then ']' or click the Task List icon on the editor toolbar.
  3. Add two or more tasks to make Handy Tasks work.
  4. Save the page.

How to add new tasks to the list

  1. Under the task list, locate the Click to add a new task line and click it.
  2. Enter the task into the opened editor.

How to see task statistics and filter tasks

Hover over your task list, then click the Show the panel icon.

To filter tasks within the list, select the status type or start typing a username.

To hide the panel, click the Hide the panel icon.

How to set the number of tasks per page in the Task Report macro

When the Handy Tasks macro enabled the limit on the number of tasks per page in the Task Report macro (10, 20 or 40 tasks) is removed. You can set the number manually.

How to disable Handy Tasks for the user

You can disable the Handy Tasks macro if you do not need it:

  1. Navigate to Profile > Settings > Handy MacrosHandy Tools Settings.
  2. Clear the Enable Handy Tasks box.

The macro can be enabled or disabled on the instance level in the Confluence Administrator console.

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