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About the macro

Handy Tip is a simple tool for adding pop-up tooltips to text, images or emoticons. The macro helps to shorten the length of texts and at the same time makes additional information noticeable.

Adding Handy Tip

  1. Switch Confluence page to the edit mode.
  2. Highlight text, image or emoticon you want to add a tip to.
  3. On the editor pane, click Insert more content 
  4. Insert Handy Tip macro:

  5. Enter text, links, images, etc. in the Handy Tip macro body that appears below the content after adding the macro.

  6. Save the page. The tip appears when hovering over the linked content:

You can place the Handy Tip macro body anywhere within the page. Selected content is wrapped with a unique link, for example, #handytip-123, that references the Handy Tip macro with corresponding ID parameter:

  • You can easily find the macro body on the page by clicking Go to contents button:

  • You can easily find the wrapped content on the page by clicking Go to link button:

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