The Plain Tasks add-on is available for both JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud

Plain Tasks for JIRA allows you to view all issues of a project in one list; easily add and manage issues within one JIRA project.

Issues get arranged into a compact list with only the essential information: Summary, Issue Type, Priority, Assignee, Comments.

You can use it to manage issues of existing projects or when creating a new project from scratch. You get to view the list of project issues while adding new ones.

This add-on provides a very simple and intuitive solution for creating, assigning, prioritizing, editing, resolving, reopening, sorting, filtering and commenting issues in the scope of one project.

Plain Tasks is a convenient tool for both advanced JIRA users and those who are only getting started with JIRA.

Use Plain Tasks:
  • as an alternative to to-do lists
  • to complete basic actions with issues faster and easier
  • to introduce JIRA to non IT users, and more

Plain Tasks for JIRA Cloud:

User's guide

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Plain Tasks for JIRA Server:

User's guide

Release notes

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