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This page provides you with the information about public releases of Plain Tasks for JIRA. Here you can learn what new features were added and what bugs were fixed.

Plain Tasks for Jira 1.4.7

Fixed the issue with Issue Type filter not working if translation is applied.

Plain Tasks for Jira 1.4.6

Fixed the behavior for cases when a user has no access to any JIRA projects.

Plain Tasks for Jira 1.4.5

Resolved the issue with loading archived projects with issues

Plain Tasks for JIRA 1.4.4

Sometimes Plain Tasks showed unavailable projects in Current and Recent Projects on the sidebar. 

Plain Tasks for JIRA 1.4.3

Sometimes priority icons were not displayed when creating a new issue.

Plain Tasks for JIRA 1.4.2

Compatibility with JIRA 7.3

Plain Tasks for JIRA 1.4.1

Compatibility with JIRA 7.2

Plain Tasks for JIRA 1.4.0

Added working with description and sub-tasks, sidebar with issue details.

Plain Tasks for JIRA 1.3.2

Compatibility with JIRA 7.1

Plain Tasks for JIRA 1.3.1

Compatibility with JIRA 7

Plain Tasks for JIRA 1.3.0 - Cloud version 2015-03-11

Cloud version: New navigation. Icons for issue setting.

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