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Course Home Page


Create a Confluence page and design it as you like using page layouts and formatted text. Include:

  • course description
  • outline of modules
  • requirements to pass
  • 'Start Course' button


  • Add the 'Start Course' button leading to the first module. It can be a regular link or a button of the Handy Macros add-on.
  • Use the Page Tree macro for an ouline of modules.
  • Add a course-related image to make the page more visually appealling.



Course Modules


Arrange modules by setting up a hierarchy of Confluence pages. One page per module.


  • Add 'Next module' buttons for quick navigation.
  • A page tree on the sidebar is also great for navigation between modules



Quizzes for Assessment Modules


Create tests with the Quizzes add-on to track progress, check understanding and monitor course completion.

To set up an assessmnt module, create a module page and add the 'Take quiz' button that will lead to a selected quiz.


  • Customize a quiz completion page: add the 'Go back to course' link leading to the next module. 
  • A course administrator can track where a participant is in a course by tracking completion of quizzes included in the middle of a course.
  • Add a quiz in the last module for final assessment and monitoring course completion.



Share with Participants


Participants can be Confluence users, as well as people outside of your wiki (if you enable public access).

When your training course is finished and ready to go live, share its home page directly with participants or create a page for self-enrollment to let users choose and complete courses at their own pace. 



Track Results


Monitor quiz and course completion, and view results on quiz administration pages.


To have results of all course quizzes on one page:

  1. Create a new page
  2. Type the name of the first quiz of your course
  3. Insert 'Quiz Results' macro
  4. Select the name of the first quiz in macro browser
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as many quizzes you have in your course
  6. Save your page and see tables with results




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