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Our general privacy policy and app-specific privacy policy, which you can find below, apply to Courses and Quizzes - LMS for Confluence Cloud app. Please, review both prior to using the app.

Courses and Quizzes - LMS for Confluence Cloud (the “App”) uses Google Analytics to collect information about certain user interactions with the App on Confluence Cloud instances. The App collects and  stores the following data:

  • metadata about taking a quiz (e.g. participants' scores, time taken to complete a quiz, page version of a question page, participants' attempts);

  • in relation to the Confluence users who participate in quizzes, the authors and administrators of quizzes and questions: email addresses, Atlassian account IDs, full names and usernames;

  • in relation to the participants who do not have a Confluence account: email addresses; and

  • space keys, page IDs and page titles of quiz administration and quiz question pages.

This data is collected for users to be able to create, manage and take quizzes; as well as see reports and enroll participants to a quiz.

The App uses Google Analytics, for example, to collect analytics on the number of views of the App's iframes in Confluence and visits to the portal used to take a quiz.

This data is stored by Google on their servers. Access to our Google Analytics account is available only to us and will not be shared with anyone else. You can find more details on our use of Google Analytics in our Privacy Policy.

No other data is collected when you use the App.

The App uses a third-party vendor and hosting partner, Amazon Web Services, to provide the necessary hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology required to run the App and store all the related data.

Any questions about this Privacy Policy should be addressed to

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