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The Table from CSV macro allows you to output a table from CSV or TSV data source.

The macro supports outputting data from a URL or an attached file.

Using the Table from CSV macro

1. Insert the macro on a page:

  • Start entering {Table from CSV} (or /Table from CSV in the new Cloud editor) and select the macro
  • Or on the editor pane, click Insert more content -> Other macros, find the macro and insert it on the page

2. Specify the CSV source option:

  • URL
  • Attachment

3. Find the attachment by typing the file name.

4. Or configure a URL:

  • Add a URL to CSV
  • Select the Authentication type
  • Optionally set the login and password settings or Request header

5. Select an appropriate date format:

  • Wiki markup
  • Markdown
  • Plain text

6. Save the macro and update the page.

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