Insert Handy Date

  1. Go to the edit mode.
  2. Type  /handy date or click the Insert menu   > Handy Date .
  3. Select a date.
  4. Update or publish the page.

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Change Handy Date in the page view mode

  1. Click the date.
  2. Select a new date from the calendar.

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Change the date coloring

You can get a better date visualization with the Handy Date macro coloring feature.

  1. Enable Macro coloring by switching on the toggle
  2. See the date coloring changing according to these rules:
    1. the current date - red 
    2. all dates before the current date - red
    3. a week after the current date  - yellow
    4. more than a week after the current date - gray

Note that the Handy Date coloring won't be rendered when exporting Confluence pages to PDF files. All the dates will be grey.