Tips on Page Properties and Page Properties Report 

You can use Handy Date with the native Confluence Page Properties and Page Properties Report macros to enhance status management and consistency on your Confluence pages. For example, if you need some information with certain dates to be displayed on both Confluence pages and make sure that once the date is updated on the first page, it's also updated on the second one, Page Properties and Page Properties Report can help you out. Handy Date works perfectly within both of them. Our users could apply this feature to multiple use cases. Thus, it's possible to efficiently manage:

  • decisions
  • meetings
  • product requirements
  • project statuses
  • events
  • team activities
  • many more

Use Handy Date with  Page Properties and Page Properties Report 

  1. Add Handy Status to the Page Properties macro on Confluence pages.
  2. Insert the Page Properties Report macro on a master page.
  3. Change dates whenever you need directly in Page Properties Report.
  4. The changes are applied to the corresponding dates on pages with Page Properties automatically.