Insert Handy Poll

  1. Insert the Handy Poll macro on a page by typing /handy poll or with the help of the Insert menu .
  2. Enter the question.
  3. Select a poll type:
    • Single choice
    • Multiple choice
  4. Add options.
  5. Insert the macro and update or publish the page.

  1. Read our article to find out more.

Vote and view results with Handy Poll

  1. Choose the option to vote for, click Submit vote. You can resubmit it later if you need by clicking Reset my votes.
  2. Share the poll with your teammates to collect their feedback or votes. Handy Poll will automatically count votes for each option.

Known issues

Handy Poll can't be voted or viewed by anonymous users in Confluence. If you have anonymous access to a Confluence page with Handy Poll, it will not be displayed to non-Confluence users. They will see a message informing about the necessity to log in.

Bug Bounty Program - Out-of-scope Issues

You can edit the page markdown of a Confluence page where the Handy Poll macro resides. This way, you can change the names of variants and fake the voting results.

This issue will not be addressed, and you should not use the Handy Poll macro for voting on serious topics in your Confluence Cloud.

Changes in the page markdown will be reflected in the page history.