Insert the Handy Slider macro on a page and define its parameters

  1. Insert the Handy Slider macro on a page by typing /handy slider or with the help of the Insert menu .
  2. Configure the macro parameters as follows:
    • Label - enter the label that will be shown above the slider.
    • Measurement unit - enter the unit of measurement for the label (%, items, $).
    • Minimal / Maximal value - enter the value range of the slider.
    • Default value - enter the default value. It cannot be less than the minimum value and greater than the maximal value.
    • Step - enter the step that will be used to increment values when you drag the slider.
    • Slider width, px - enter the width of the slider in pixels.
  3. Save the macro and publish the page.

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    Change the slider value in the page view mode

    1. Locate the slider on the page.
    2. Drag the slider to the left or to the right.

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