Can I restrict status sets for specific spaces?

Unfortunately, all status sets are managed globally and can be used throughout all your spaces.

Can I set a custom color for my status?

At the moment, the app uses a predefined set of colors for statuses. Support for custom colors will be added in future releases of the app.

Why does the Handy Date macro work differently than in the app for Confluence Server / DC?

This is an architecture limitation of the Atlassian Cloud Ecosystem. 

I have view access for anonymous users for my Confluence page. Will they be able to see and change the value of Handy Status?

No, anonymous users won't see the value of Handy Status. The macro will be displayed as an unknown instead.

Known issues

Handy Status doesn't work in nested macros

This behavior is caused by a known Confluence bug. You can vote for the corresponding public ticket and start watching it here.

Please, consider this issue while creating your Confluence pages with Handy Status

Issue with Handy Status rendering in the legacy editor

Content (dynamic macros) is re-rendered while loading a migrated page in the legacy editor. It causes performance issues for Handy Macros. As a workaround, convert Confluence pages to the new editor.

Handy Status and Handy Date don't work within Table Filter

At the moment, on Cloud the Table Filter app applies input data sanitization to prevent XSS attacks. Thus, the app operates with rendered content on Cloud. Our Handy Status (that is an Iframe by its nature) is firstly rendered as a static macro and only then filtered by Table Filter. The users will have to click on the page title so that it redirects to the individual page and then change the status in view mode on the page property macro page (for cases with the Page Property and Page Property Report macros).

Can I export status values to pdf or word?

Yes, the macro values are present in your pdf or word file when you export your Confluence page. Note that you will see only the current value. The history of changes is not available in an exported file.