Please go through our step-by-step instructions to migrate the Handy Macros app's data to Confluence Cloud. Please address your questions or issues to our support at

Please consider that update of the migration progress may be stuck for a while with no percentage update.

The expected migration duration depends on the following factors:

  1. amount of migrated data
  2. load on the Handy Macros Cloud app

In large instances, migration of all Handy Macros data can take from 24 to 48 hours.

Checking pre-requisites

Before proceeding to migration of the Handy Macros app from Confluence Server/Data Center to Confluence Cloud, please check Pre-Migration Assessment Checklist.

  1. Update the Handy Macros for Confluence app to the latest version.
  2. Update the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant to the latest version.
  3. Enable the feature at <Confluence_URL>/admin/darkfeatures.action.

Assessing the app for Cloud migration

  1. Navigate to the Confluence administration console.
  2. On the navigation sidebar, select Migration Assistant.
  3. On the opened page, click Assess and Install Apps.

  4. On the Assess your apps page, select Needed in cloud for the Handy Macros app. Choose the status for the rest of the apps if you plan to migrate multiple apps.
  5. Click Continue.

  6. Click Choose cloud site.
  7. Enter the site to migrate from and select the cloud site which data will be migrated to.

  8. Check the 

  9. When complete, click Confirm.

  10. Return to the Migration Assistant section.

  11. Click Manage Your Migration.

  12. Click Create new migration.

  13. Click Connect to cloud.

  14. Give the name to the migration.
  15. Click Choose cloud site.
  16. Enter the site to migrate from and select the cloud site which data will be migrated to.
  17. Check the 
  18. Click Confirm.
  19. Click Choose what to migrate.
  20. Click Next.
  21. Select spaces you want to migrate.
  22. Click Add to migration.
  23. Evaluate errors and warnings.
  24. Click Review Migration.
  25. Click Run now.
  26. The migration starts. Click View details to monitor the progress.
  27. Upon completion, you will see the screen similar to the one.

Migrated status sets in Confluence Cloud

Note that Handy Status in Cloud doesn't have the distribution between individual, space, and global sets. That means that after successful migration all your statuses will be visible and editable on Confluence pages, but they all will appear at the same level. You can see the indication of their level in Handy Status in Server/DC in the names that they get after migration. The naming rules are the following:

  • global sets will retain their name as in Server/DC

  • space sets will be named after the "SET_NAME space(SPACE_KEY)" pattern

  • individual sets will be named after the"SET_NAME personal (ATLASSIAN_USER_ACCOUNT_ID)" pattern.

If you copied status sets from the space or global level to the personal level before migration, these status sets would appear with global: or personal: prefix. You can get an error in the log for when CCMA is migrating Handy Macros to the Cloud site similar to the one below:

[handy.macros.migration.LocalCloudMigrationListener] lambda$null$15 HANDY MACROS - MIGRATION. Could not get CONFLUENCE user BY USERKEY key=confluence.userkey/2c94a8c75bd6da67015bd6dbc8640007, selectorUserKey=confluence.userkey/

The migrated status will appear in your Handy Status admin section with a notice about an unknown accountID. 

There's no need to worry about the unknown accountID. The Server app could not find a user with a particular key at your Confluence Cloud instance while performing the migration. There is no impact. It's just a name. We implemented this approach to separate different status sets and help users find their status sets. You can always change the status set name as you wish  to avoid users' distraction.

If you have any doubts or questions about migration, contact us. We're always happy to help you.


After migration, the Handy Macros page in the Apps section fails to load.

This issue can be caused by the fact that the app doesn't have enough permissions to perform the user permission check. 

The root cause of this issue is that the atlassian-addons group, to which the Handy Macros for Confluence app is a member, doesn't have product access to Confluence. Thus, even though the Handy Macros for Confluence app has the required permissions, it couldn't get to Confluence.

That said, the Atlassian Support Team needs to be contacted to add the atlassian-addons group with product access to the affected Confluence Cloud site.

After that, the Handy Macros for Confluence app will be operating as expected.