Can I use Handy Button for Confluence pages?

Yes, you can create a link to other Confluence pages with the Handy Button macro. Just start typing the title of the page you want to link when inserting Handy Button and the macro will prompt you available pages.

Can I use Handy Button for external links?

Yes, you can create a link to any external web address using Handy Button. You'll need to specify it when inserting the macro.

Can I set a custom color to Handy Button?

Yes, you can choose out of five predefined colors: blue, green, red, yellow, grey.

Is Handy Button case-sensitive?

Yes, please, mind this when typing the label for your Handy Button.

Can I set the width of Handy Button so that several buttons look organized on the page?

Yes, you can set the width in pixels when inserting the macro. 

My Handy Button is too high. What's the reason?

The height of Handy Button can be increased in case of its width limitation. If the width is set, the button will be rendered using this width. If the text can't be rendered within a single line due to the width limitation, it will be rendered using multiple lines.

What's the default width of the macro?

By default, Handy Button uses the text length to define the width of the macro.

Can I add emoticons or images to Handy Button?

Unfortunately, only text filled with background color can be put on the Handy Button macro.

Can I use more custom colors for Handy Button?

Unfortunately, only 5 colors are available for Handy Button for now.