Insert Handy Button

  1. Go to the edit mode.
  2. Position the mouse pointer in the appropriate place on the page.
Option 1Option 2
  1. Start entering {Handy Button}.
  2. From the prompted list of macro choices, select the macro.

  1. In the editor toolbar, click Insert more content  >  Other macros > Handy Button.
  2. In the Select Macro form, find the macro and insert it.

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Customize Handy Button

You can customize your Handy Button by specifying the following parameters when inserting the macro:

  1. label (what is written on Handy Button)
  2. link address or relative reference (Handy Button can lead to any external address or Confluence page)
  3. color
  4. width in pixels
    1. If no width is set, it will be determined by the text length
    2. If the width is set, the button will be rendered using this width. If the text can't be rendered within a single line due to the width limitation, it will be rendered using multiple lines. The height of the button will increase in this case

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