We're planning to deprecate the Handy Social Button macro. Consider not using it in your instance.

Our team is dedicated to delivering the functionality many teams use daily. We are constantly assessing feature requests and performing market research. This approach ensures that we develop the product you love using regularly.

Handy Social Button is the macro that has been used by a lower number of our customers. That's why we decided to deprecate it and invest our time in other functionality that many teams will use.

If you have any concerns or doubts regarding this update, our support is here to help.

Handy Social Button is a macro that allows you to share any link on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

When sharing links to Confluence pages, please note that the page permissions should allow anonymous access to these pages. Otherwise, these pages will not be accessible to users without a Confluence account.

Insert Handy Social Button

  1. Go to the edit mode and insert the Handy Social Button macro on the page.
  2. Select where to share your Confluence content (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter) and enter the link to the page you want to share. A link to the current page is used by default.
  3. Click Insert.